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CBD (Cannabidiol): Uses and Current Research

T&C Compounding Experts in CBD Utilization for Treatment of Pain

CBD Products, Its Uses and Effects

CBD Oil for Pain

CBD products have many uses – the most common of which is the reduction of chronic pain symptoms, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving properties – however, there is still more research to be done.

Where CBD Oil Comes From

CBD oil is basically concentrated cannabinoid compounds that can be used for pain and other symptoms, without worrying about getting high from THC. CBD is derived from hemp and not marijuana. According to the law, CBD products can contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Using CBD Oil

CBD oil can be taken in different ways.

One is through oral ingestion, by capsules or pills. There are capsules available for people in 5, 10, and 25 mg doses, as well as doses formulated specifically for pets. Other ways can be through the application of topical creams, sublingual application, and inhalation.

How CBD Works

The endocannabinoid system in our bodies regulates our immune system response, sleep, and pain. CBD – which stands for Cannabidiol – binds itself to these endocannabinoid receptors (two types, CB1 and CB2). Different cannabis products specific effects in treating or relieving medical symptoms such as pain.

NOTE: Nothing in this section should be taken as a claim about the effects of any of our particular products. No claims are being made as to the use of any of our products and none should be inferred. We simply find this evidence to be interesting and hope it may help customers make more informed decisions.

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Further Readings

Evidence-Based Science Behind CBD

In the last few years, CBD has attracted the attention of consumers and scientists. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the effects of CBD that offer glimpses into the biological and chemical basis behind CBD claims.

  • A study published in a 2015 issue of Neurotherapeutics concluded that CBD offers significant potential for treatment of multiple anxiety disorders, including PTSD. To test this, the researchers conducted various models: an acute psychological model, generalized anxiety model, stress-induced anxiety model, PD and compulsive behavioral models. Pre-clinical evidence suggests that CBDs provide relief for these various types of anxiety, and do so without anxiogenic (anxiety-inducing) effects at higher doses.
  • The Journal of Epilepsy Research published a scientific study that demonstrated class 1 evidence that CBD provides seizure control, especially for epileptic patients. Part of this study analyzed data from 19 children with seizure disorders, where 80% of parents reported positive results after using CBDs (fewer seizures) and two children quit having seizures altogether. Other positive effects for these children were improved mood, alertness and sleep, and perhaps are residual effects from fewer seizures.
  • The potential of CBD in cancer prevention and treatment is currently one of the largest areas of research. A 2018 issue of Cancer Medicine published an overview of past studies and where future studies are still needed. This research discusses the ability of cannabinoids to regulate the signaling pathways that stimulate cancer cell proliferation by inhibiting them, while also disassembling unnecessary or dysfunctional components of cells (autophagy), and/or disabling cancer cells altogether (apoptosis). This research is an in-depth discussion about the science behind cannabinoids and the immune system.
  • The European Journal of Pain published a study in 2015 regarding pain and inflammation reduction using CBD as a treatment. Researchers conducted a study on arthritic mice and concluded that CBD offers topical therapy treatment for pain and inflammation, without negative side-effects.

While further scientific research must be done to illicit more details about how and why CBD is effective or not, and under which circumstances and conditions, current research is already promising for a plant-based compound that has been in use since ancient times. CBD is not a cure-all and should not replace factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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