Breastfeeding and Post-Partum

Nipple infections, C-Section Scars, Stretch Marks, Hemorrhoids, Milk Supply

Oxytocin nasal spray used to be commercially available years ago but now is available through compounding pharmacies. Nipple infections are very painful and distressing to new mothers who are trying to find success with breastfeeding; the combination nipple ointments can be such a lifesaver for them. Finally, scars and stretch marks are cosmetically unappealing and women often are asking for something “extra” for this.

  • Oxytocin nasal spray (milk supply Rx)
  • Combos of betamethasone/clotrimazole/mupirocin in a nipple ointment
  • Ask us about customizing rectal rockets for painful hemorrhoids
  • Nifedipine + lidocaine rectal ointment
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