Town & Country Compounding Non-sterile Compounding Labs

Our accreditations place us in the top 1% of compounding pharmacies

We go above and beyond what is required for quality and safety.

Standards and regulations for making compounded medications vary from state to state. New Jersey is known to have some of the most stringent compounding regulations in the country.

What is a
Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacy?

Non-sterile compounding medications include pills, liquids, gels, lotions, ointments, creams, shampoos, lip balms, and more. Non-sterile compounding is the most common, and while these drugs are not prepared in an entirely sterile room, ingredients’ purity is preserved with precise mixing, packaging, and labeling.

This differs from Sterile Compounding

What are some examples of Non-Sterile Compounding?

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

LDN titration kit video
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Ketamine Compounding

ketamine custom compounded medications video
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Pediatric Compounding

pediatric compounding pharmacy video
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Pet & Animal Compounding

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Compliance with Regulations

We have expanded and are now in our state-of-the-art compounding facility in Ramsey, NJ shipping to multiple states.

Town & Country Compounding has been inspected by the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) in addition to accreditation inspections. We are also accredited by ACHC for sterile compounding, non-sterile compounding, nursing and home infusion.

Town & Country Compounding Is Compliant and goes beyond the requirements of USP 795, USP 797, and USP 800 Guidelines

Our profession has adopted new rules and regulations from the State Board of Pharmacy and the USP (United States Pharmacopeia). We are USP 800 compliant with all aspects as a sterile and non-sterile 503A compounding pharmacy.

Dr. Phillip S. Kim, MD

President, Pennsylvania Pain Society Center for Interventional Pain & Spine

Town & Country Compounding makes customized medication at the highest level.

Their high-tech labs, expertise, and rigorous compounding protocols give me confidence that my patients are getting the best quality compounds.

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