Methylene Blue, Cytochrome Oxidase, and Alzheimer’s Disease Research

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Research on AD and Cytochrome Oxidase (CO)

One of the world’s experts in neurodegenerative diseases and methylene blue is Dr. Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, Ph.D. His research is conducted through the University of Texas at Austin.

According to Dr. Gonzalez-Lima, most of the conventional wisdom about late-onset AD is wrong. He does not agree with the dated hypothesis that Aβ and tau tangles cause dementia in seniors. Instead, he says the problems occur because of the inhibition of cytochrome oxidase (CO). Biomarkers of neurodegeneration, especially glucose hypometabolism, are better at predicting late-onset AD than the presence of Aβ and tau tangles.

Dr. Francisco Gonzales-Lima, Ph.D. — Expert on Neurodegenerative Diseases