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Ketamine is a drug that has many uses and Town & Country Compounding has experience compounding it into various dosage forms.

Information About Pros/Cons and Absorption of Various Ketamine Dosage Forms.


For Prescribers: Ketamine Microdosing – How to Write a Compounded Rx


A Prescription is Required.

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Why might a compound be needed?

– Ketamine is commercially available only in limited forms. Compounded Ketamine is available in variety of forms and concentrations.


– Dosing varies depending on dosage form, indication, and patient-specific response.

– Titration protocols are available upon request. Please contact us for detail.

What to watch out for

– To prevent patient overuse, Town & Country Compounding is very strict with refill due dates and day supply calculations.

– Possible side effects: mild/transient lightheadedness, dissociative symptoms, denial phenomenon, tolerance, headache, bladder pain, confusion, hypomania, personality

changes, hypersensitivity, facial flushing, vivid dreams, seizure threshold

– Side effects may be minimized with dose adjustment.

Note for your patients: Ketamine is a very bitter drug. We add sweeteners and flavors to neutralize the bitterness,

yet the taste of Ketamine is difficult to mask. ↑dose = ↓palatable