Compounded Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug that has many uses and Town & Country Compounding has experience compounding it into various dosage forms.

This medication requires a prescription.

DR PRADEEP CHOPRA MD - pain specialist
Pradeep Chopra, MD

Center for Complex Conditions
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Brown Medical School

Town & Country Compounding has the quality your patients need and deserve. 

“Town & Country Compounding has the quality my patients need and deserve.

Town & Country Compounding greatly helps my patients, and I recommend using them because of their quality and excellent customer service.

I recently had a patient who had elevated liver enzymes with a ketamine infusion. Due to the commercial product shortage, I ordered compounded ketamine infusions from Town & Country and noticed that the patient’s liver enzymes suddenly became stable. I was pleasantly surprised and repeated labs three times to ensure accuracy. Pharmacist/Owner John and I discussed high-quality compounding and its importance.”

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