Why Doctors Choose Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy for LDN Compounded Medication and Education

Our accreditations place us in the top 1% of compounding pharmacies

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Town & Country Compounding is an LDN pharmacy with an LDN Program for patients that helps lead to positive health outcomes

We do much more than just compound, fill and ship LDN prescriptions. We have a true program that helps with outcomes.

Our pharmacists’ interactions with prescribers and patients about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is far beyond the expected.

We have a true LDN focused program in which we collaborate with physicians to help their patients achieve positive outcomes and enhance their quality of life.

1. Our Pharmacists are Trained LDN Experts and Speak at Events to Educate about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Our pharmacists are trained explicitly in compounding and have expert knowledge about conditions or illnesses for which patients may use LDN. They are more than traditional pharmacists-they spend hours and hours working with LDN patients.

Town & Country Compounding Expert Compounding Pharmacists: Education necessary to be a compounding pharmacist in today’s age goes beyond what is taught in pharmacy schools.

Our compounding pharmacists have years of extensive experience working with compounded medications, all day – every day.

  • We are one of the pharmacies in the country that has invested time and resources into creating an official program to lead toward the success of patients on LDN therapy
  • Our goal at Town & Country Compounding is to build relationships with our prescribers and patients to ensure the greatest chance for patients to succeed with their therapy.
  • We do much more than simply fill the prescriptions; we collaborate with health care practitioners to enhance the quality of therapy
  • Pharmacists are very highly trained in LDN and helping patients with dosing
  • Dose titration kits
  • Excellent, caring customer service
  • Ship Rx’s to patients as requested
  • After the patient maintenance dose is achieved, we can offer the patient a discount with a 60 and a 90-day supply.

2. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Titration Kits

We provide titration kits to help the patient find the dose that works for them. This is extremely important, as noted by Dr. Asher Goldstein. Dosing is not as simple as starting at 4.5 mg; Dr. Goldstein describes how his patients failed with this approach. 

We don’t want the patient to quit taking the LDN  if they do not see results immediately; we will work with them to titrate to the correct dose. It often takes up to six weeks to find the perfect dose!

Unique LDN Titrations

Some patients do much better when they start at a lower dose, so we recommend to start at 0.5mg but some patients are very sensitive and may need to start at the 0.1mg dose (100 mcg) and titrate up from there.

Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone (ULDN)
= 1-~100 microgram (mcg) dose

Very Low Dose Naltrexone (VLDN)
= > 100 mcg to <~500 mcg dose 

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
= ≥ 500 mcg (0.5 mg) 

Start low and go up slow.

What Happens After Titration?

After the maintenance dose is achieved, we offer patients a discount with a 60-day supply and 90-day supply.

3. LDN Patient Follow-Up Program

We have developed a patient follow-up program in which patients are contacted via text, email, or phone three weeks after dispensing to check how they are doing with their therapy.

We ask questions that gauge patient response to optimize their therapy success. When following up with patients after starting therapy, if an issue or concern is identified, one of our trained pharmacists will work with the patient and provider to resolve it.

4. Patient Survey & Results

Explore some of the results of recorded data from surveys completed by real Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) patients about their experiences.

Survey results: of the patients who responded, 51% saw improvement in 8 weeks or less, 75% saw results in 6 months or less. We are collecting information as we go.

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5. LDN Patient Case Study/Testimonial

Learn about a real LDN experience:

Patient with Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), CIDP, and Depression.

“I have suffered from several autoimmune conditions, Hashimoto’s
Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and the very rare disease,
CIDP-Chronic Inflammatory Demyelin Poly Radical Neuropathy.
The CIDP was one of the most challenging experiences of my
Everything seemed to change when I started taking LDN at 1.5mg
and very slowly worked my way up to 4.5mg every night at bedtime.
I truly believe that LDN changed my life. You must be patient, but
over time I began to feel well again, “an overall feeling of wellness.”
My lower back pain and heaviness in my legs is now gone; I have
energy again. I have my mental clarity back.
For the longest time, I woke up in the morning not wanting to get out
of bed. I was depressed because I knew I wasn’t well and didn’t feel
I truly believe, let’s just say I know, that everything is better now
because of LDN. I wake up happy, I have my life back again. Every
day is a blessing and a miracle, and I do believe LDN is that miracle
for me.”

6. LDN Collaboration and Education

Our LDN expert pharmacists speak at various medical events and webinars, with practitioners that educate health care practitioners and/or their patients about LDN. Click here if you would like to collaborate with Town & Country Compounding for LDN education

Would you like to collaborate with Town & Country Compounding regarding LDN We are free for zoom or local in-person presentations.

  • Webinars
  • Speaking events
  • Office education
  • Team up for patient education

Set up an appointment to talk with owner John Herr, RPh., about how we can work together to get the best patient outcomes.

Would you like to collaborate with Town & Country regarding LDN? We are available for zoom or local in-person presentations.
Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy is located at
Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy is located at 535 East Crescent Ave Ramsey, NJ 07446

Town & Country Compounding provides the most advanced formulations based on the most recent research and peer-reviewed guidelines.

We work with patients and their medical providers to customize solutions that are right for their individual needs when commercially-made medications are not showing results.

Medication is not one-size-fits-all. 

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