Ketamine At-Home Therapy and Mental Health

Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy compounds various dosage forms for at-home ketamine therapy and ketamine clinics.

Ketamine at-home therapy involves the self-administration of ketamine, under the guidance and supervision of a qualified healthcare provider, for the management of certain mental health conditions.

If the healthcare provider deems ketamine therapy appropriate, they will prescribe a specific dosage and dosage form of ketamine (e.g., nasal spray, sublingual troches/lozenges) for at-home use. The dosing and administration schedule will be tailored to the patient’s needs and adjusted as necessary.​

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Why would practitioners prescribe at-home ketamine therapy?

Customization for the patient

At-home ketamine allows customization to meet the patients’ needs. This may involve adjusting the dose or timing of the dose to better match the patient’s medical needs. 

Accessibility, Convenience, and Comfort 

Access to specialized ketamine clinics or healthcare facilities may be limited in certain areas. At-home therapy can make ketamine treatment more accessible to individuals who live in remote or underserved areas. It also may minimize the need for frequent clinic visits, making it a more convenient option for some patients who have busy schedules or transportation challenges. Some patients may feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own home environment, which can be beneficial for therapy sessions, particularly when dealing with conditions like anxiety or PTSD.

Ketamine can be administered in various forms for at-home ketamine-assisted therapy, depending on the patient's specific needs.

The choice of compounded ketamine dosage forms is influenced by various factors, including the patient’s medical history, the condition being treated, the desired treatment duration, and the patient’s comfort level with self-administration.

Nasal Spray (Intranasal Ketamine)

Intranasal ketamine is one of the most popular forms for at-home use. The patient sprays the prescribed amount of ketamine into their nostrils.

Lozenges or Troches (Sublingual Ketamine)

Some healthcare providers prescribe ketamine lozenges or troches that are dissolved under the tongue. Sublingual administration allows for relatively rapid absorption, and it can be more comfortable for patients who prefer not to use nasal sprays or injections.

Oral Ketamine

Ketamine may also be prescribed in oral form, such as capsules or liquid. This form of ketamine is taken by mouth and absorbed through the digestive system. While it is less commonly used for at-home therapy due to lower bioavailability, it may be an option for some patients.

At-home ketamine should always be conducted under the guidance and supervision of a qualified healthcare provider who specializes in ketamine therapy. The decision to pursue at-home therapy should be made collaboratively between the patient and their healthcare provider, taking into consideration the patient’s specific condition, preferences, and safety. The therapy is still a subject of ongoing research, and its long-term safety and efficacy are being studied. At-home ketamine therapy is not suitable for everyone.

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