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DR PRADEEP CHOPRA MD - pain specialist
Pradeep Chopra, MD

Center for Complex Conditions
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Brown Medical School

Ways to Send in Prescriptions

1. Provider Portal

Our provider portal makes it easy to manage prescriptions.

– Manage Refills

– Adherence Monitoring

– Direct Pharmacy Support

– Reporting

2. Fax or Email

Write a prescription on a prescription pad and fax over to 201-447-3253 OR email to

3. E-Scribe

E-Rx (E-scribe) to “Town & Country Compounding & Consultation.

*Make sure our address is 535 E Crescent Avenue, Ramsey, NJ 07446

4. Call or Text

Call in or text prescription to

5. Fill Out Pre-made Rx Order Forms from Town & Country Compounding

See what your colleagues are prescribing based on specialty

Fill out Town & Country Compounding Rx Order Forms and Fax »

Access to these Rx Forms are exclusively for physicians. Click here to request access

Do you know how your compounded medicines are made?

Let us show you how we make ours.

Play Video
Take a tour of our high-tech sterile and non-sterile compounding labs.

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