Otic (Ear) Insufflator

Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch our video for instructions on how to use the insufflator device with your Rx from Town & Country Compounding

Ear insufflators are especially useful for conditions or infections that are confined to the ear canal, such as chronic otitis externa (inflammation of the outer ear, swimmer’s ear) or chronic otitis media, which is a recurrent infection of the middle ear.

Topical medications applied with an insufflator are designed to act locally in the ear canal and ensure a more prolonged contact time between the drug and the affected area.

This can reduce the incidence of systemic side effects, such as gastrointestinal complaints, compared to oral medications.

Medications in powder form are often well tolerated by patients, and using an insufflator can make the application process more comfortable compared to other methods, such as ear drops, gels, or ointments.

What drugs are used in the ear insufflator? 

Typically, a combination of two antibiotics, an antifungal and possibly a steroid.




Fungizone (an older brand name for Amphotericin)

+/- Hydrocortisone

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