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Veterinary Compounding

Vets trust Town & Country Compounding for high-quality compounded medicine that makes animals better.

Expert pharmacist John Herr, RPh., explains pet medication compounding, and reviews utilizing Topi Click cream dispenser for cat medications.

Local pet medication expedited service

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Let us know if you have a pet "compounded medication" emergency, and we will do our best to help.

When animals are in pain, or you see they are suffering, you may need that immediate service that only your local compounding pharmacy can provide. (We also love animals) At Town & Country Compounding, the “local” pets (and their owners) can get the highest quality compounded prescriptions for animals along with excellent customer service.
We work with many veterinarians and vet surgery centers to provide the highest quality compounded meds for animal patients.
Local compounding pharmacy service can be a huge benefit, especially when an animal is in pain or has an emergency situation. With Town & Country Compounding, you don’t have to wait on long shipping times, from the big “vet mail-order” pharmacies, which are servicing people all over the country.

Examples of commonly compounded preparations include

  • Sterile injections
  • Creams, ointments and lotion
  • Ophthalmic preparations (medications for the eye)
  • Commercially unavailable medications
  • Sugar free formulations
  • Transdermal gels (medication in a lotion or gel that can travel through the skin)
  • Flavored capsules to be sprinkled on food
  • Chewable flavored treats and suspensions
  • Ear solutions and suspensions
  • Rectal suppositories and gels (great systemic delivery option)
  • Medication combinations (multiple medications in ONE delivery form)

Veterinary Compounding Options for Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

LDN may be compounded for animals into various dosage forms. We can flavor an oral liquid into their favorite vet flavor, and the medication can be concentrated to where the dose can be either be given to them through an oral dosing syringe, or can be mixed into their food. 

Some dogs may prefer capsules hidden in their food, sprinkled on their food, or made into an animal treat. With animals, you never know what they will prefer!  It can also be used topically if there is a need for skin conditions.

Compounded medications for your cat and dog patients (and other animals too, including exotics)

Questions About Pet Medications?

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