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Town & Country Compounding has expanded our compounding for Clinical Trials Internationally

Expanding our clinical trial expertise from US clinical trials to international trials was a gradual process that involved adapting to new challenges and building upon existing capabilities. It required a combination of regulatory knowledge, cultural awareness, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and scientific standards.

International Clinical Trials

Decades of Expertise

With a proven track record and extensive clinical trial experience, we’re proud to bring our expertise to different parts of the globe.

We first established a strong foundation in helping clients with clinical trials within the United States.

This involved gaining expertise in regulatory compliance, patient recruitment, trial design, data collection, and analysis. Town & Country Compounding has built a team of experienced professionals, including pharmacists, researchers, clinical coordinators, and regulatory experts.

Regulatory Expertise

Before expanding internationally, the pharmacy gained a solid understanding of the regulatory landscape in the US. To compound for international clinical trials, we work with contacts in the target countries to understand their regulatory landscape. This includes knowledge of local laws, regulations, and guidelines governing clinical trials, import/export of investigational drugs, and patient rights. Collaborating with regulatory consultants or experts in each target country is advisable.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We have established partnerships with local research organizations, hospitals, and academic institutions in the US to gain experience and can use our experience in various countries. These collaborations have provided access to facilities and experienced personnel. Local partners can also offer insights into cultural and logistical considerations that may impact the trial.

Adaptation to Cultural and Ethical Differences

Different countries have diverse cultural norms, healthcare practices, and ethical standards. We research how to adapt and align with local values and regulations. This ensures that the trials are conducted ethically and in compliance with local expectations.

Logistical and Operational Planning

We account for logistical challenges related to drug shipment, storage, and distribution across borders. Language barriers, time zone differences, and potential travel requirements are all things we have experienced. Efficient communication channels have been key to our success with this.

Quality Control and Assurance

Maintain consistent quality control across international trials to uphold the pharmacy's reputation and the validity of trial results. Implement monitoring mechanisms to ensure compliance with protocols and regulations.

Knowledge Sharing and Learning

As our pharmacy gains experience from compounding for international trials, we continue to refine our processes and share knowledge across our organization. We regularly update the team's understanding of international regulations and best practices through training and professional development.

Continuous Improvement

After completing international trials, we gather feedback and insights to improve future endeavors. We have incorporated lessons learned into future trial planning and execution.

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