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Methylene Blue & Brain Health

Whether it be from concussions, other traumatic brain injuries, Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or various other things, it is very clear that the support of healthy neurological function is a significant need in our society.
Town & Country Compounding understands the importance of taking care of your brain health and maintaining/improving cognition.

Poor cognition and brain health can be extremely detrimental to the quality of life you live. 

Town & Country Compounding provides to most advanced preventative supplements and compounded medications to best serve our community.

Methylene Blue and Alzheimer's Research
John Herr, RPh from Town & Country Compounding discusses the potential benefits and versatile uses of Methylene Blue capsules. He covers why Methylene Blue can be used for various health applications, from enhancing mitochondrial function to supporting cognitive health and mood stabilization.

Quality of compounded methylene blue capsules is important.

Methylene blue is prescribed in various dosage forms for different conditions in medicine, yet when practitioners want to prescribe capsules, patients have a hard time finding them. The capsule form of methylene blue isn’t commercially manufactured by a drug company, therefore, it won’t be found at standard “big box” retail pharmacies. Methylene blue should be compounded at a high-quality compounding pharmacy, one that is PCAB/ACHC accredited.

It is important to use a pharmacy that is experienced in compounding and produces quality compounds at the highest standards, meaning you should verify they are using methylene blue, USP grade, not another technical grade of methylene blue. At Town & Country Compounding, we compound methylene blue on a regular basis, 50-mg capsules are common, but other strengths may be prescribed.

We are proud to be recognized in the top 1% of compounding pharmacies based on our rigorous accreditations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each Methylene Blue capsule we compound meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Rg3 may support healthy microglial activity and healthy neuronal function, which:
  • quells inflammation, gets neurons to bud (and refueled), and gets the mitochondria to calm down the microglia.
  • triggers mitochondrial rejuvenation -mitochondria become fully active and generate energy in the brain
  • helps with sirtuins (SIRT1’s) which are regulators of metabolism.
  • improves receptor activation. Often, when you give supplements or hormones, the results are affected by the receptors and how active they are.

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