Ectoseal P2G™

Developed using extremolytes and a prebiotic, EctoSeal P2G quickly transforms from a powder to a hydrogel when moistened, enabling easy application to any type of wound.

The hydrogel forms a protective film that seamlessly adheres to the wound, improving moisturization and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) contact time — characteristics known to be ideal for wound care preparations.


Options for EctoSeal P2G Topical Dosage Forms

  • Powder for Reconstitution
    Powder is mixed with API(s) and brought to volume (q.s.) with maltodextrin. The dispensed API/powder compound is mixed with purified water, sterile water or saline at time of use to create a hydrogel, which is then applied to the affected area.
  • Hydrogel
    Powder is mixed with API(s), an appropriate wetting agent, preservative and purified water, and dispensed as a hydrogel.
  • Powder
    Powder is mixed with API(s). The dispensed API/powder compound is directly sprinkled into the wound. If wound presents with a moist environment due to exudate, the powder will absorb the moisture and, once dried, form a protective shield. For dry wound environments, powder is sprinkled onto the wound and may be moistened with purified water, sterile water or saline.


*EctoSeal P2G is not vegan.

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