Topical Anesthetic for Cosmetic Procedures

The best topical anesthetic formulation for Morpheus8 and Other Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedures.

Town & Country Compounding has unique ways for creating the best compounded topical anesthetic prescriptions for patients getting the Morpheus8 and other cosmetic treatments that are enhanced with the use of topical anesthetics. Smooth consistency with high concentrations At Town & Country compounding, our labs have high-tech equipment that reduces particle size to eliminate grit even with the highest drug concentrations; this ensures a smooth application that is pleasant for the patient experience.

A Prescription is Required.


Consistency with anesthetic formulations

The pleasant texture and smooth application of our
proprietary base will be consistent with each application.
We receive many compliments and positive feedback
about our topical anesthetic formulations.

Combinations in our formulations = synergy

The combination of anesthetics in our formulations work
together to provide results. The strengths can be
customized based on patient needs.

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