Vasceptor® 8.5% topical/transdermal curcumin gel was developed with the intent to deliver the well-known anti-pain/inflammation benefits of curcumin. Active ingredient – curcumin 8.5%. Inactive ingredients: Myristic Acid; PEG.

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Unlike traditional curcumin topicals, Vasceptor’s® patented formulation enables >100X more curcumin solubility. This facilitates substantially greater and sustained penetration deep into the skin versus conventional gel, cream or ointment technology.


Unlike curcumin orals, Vasceptor’s® curcumin accesses capillaries, our smallest blood vessels. Once there, Vasceptor® loads onto and into blood cells as well as into the plasma. These blood cells can then broadly distribute the beneficial curcumin which creates enhanced efficacy.

Directions for Use

Vasceptor® is available only by doctor’s prescription.

Please follow your doctor’s instructions and tell your doctor about all other medications you take, especially including those for blood pressure, blood thinning and cancer.

Because Vasceptor® may lower blood pressure, we suggest applying it while sitting down, in case of temporary lightheadedness.

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