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Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith M.D., MPH, MS spent her first 20 years of practice as an emergency room physician and 25+ years as an Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine specialist. She is a diplomat of the Board of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians, and Director of the Center for Personalized Medicine. She founded the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine. 

She has been featured on CNN, PBS, and many other television networks, has been interviewed in numerous consumer magazines, and has hosted two of her own radio shows.

She was also one of the featured physicians on the PBS series “The Embrace of Aging” as well as the online medical series “Awakening from Alzheimer’s” and “Regain Your Brain.”

Renowned hormone specialist and author, Dr. Pamela Smith, MD, MPH spoke to Practitioners at Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy

ZRT Laboratory and Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy hosted an exclusive practitioner dinner event at Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy with internationally known bioidentical hormone expert and speaker Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS.

She discussed women’s hormones and signed copies of her new book:

What You Must Know About Women’s Hormones: Your Guide to Natural Hormone Treatments for PMS, Menopause, Osteoporosis, PCOS, and More” (2nd edition). 

Her presentation reviewed the medical literature concerning women’s hormones.​

Did you know that estrogen replacement helps to prevent heart disease and cognitive decline? Do all women need progesterone? Is hormone replacement safe? What is the interplay between the adrenal hormones and sex hormones?

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Clips from the Presentation

Serum testing vs Saliva and Topical Hormones

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Progesterone: symptoms of excess, and dosing

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Stress and Cortisol Levels

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High Cortisol and HRT

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