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Prescription Refill Form:

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If you would like to refill a prescription with Town & Country Compounding,

please complete the Prescription Refill form below.  If you have refills authorized by your physician, your prescription should be processed and ready for pick up or delivery within 24 hours.  Keep in mind your compounded prescription is being prepared specifically for you.  If your physician needs to be contacted to authorize a refill, it may be longer to refill your prescription.

If you have never had a prescription filled by our compounding pharmacy, please have your physician’s office contact one of our pharmacists at 201-447-2020.  You can also call 201-447-2020 and one of our health care advisors will be happy to help you set up an account and then contact your physician for you.

Our health care advisors can offer assistance if you wish to transfer your prescription from another compounding pharmacy.

Delivery Service:

In an ongoing effort to support our patients, if you choose to have your prescription delivered, Town & Country Compounding will arrange for delivery to you. We provide our own delivery service, as well as delivery by FedEx.  FedEx service from our location is normally 2nd day delivery.  FedEx next day delivery is also available.

If you have not previously utilized our delivery services, contact one of our health care advisors at 201-447-2020 for detailed information.