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Integrative Pharmacist and Owner

Pharmacist John Herr is the owner of Town & Country Compounding. As a graduate from St John’s University, he began practicing compounding in 1983. John has many years of experience in multiple areas of medicine and disease state management and is considered an expert in the industry in low dose naltrexone (LDN), pain management, integrative medicine, pain management, clinical trials, autism, sterile compounding and much more.

John has been an advocate of using Low Dose Naltrexone for over 20 years and helps practitioners, pharmacists, and patients connect as well as keep up with the latest developments with LDN therapy.

John is an active member of the compounding pharmacy community. He speaks frequently at patient and professional events on a wide variety of topics in order to educate both the public and healthcare professionals on the value of compounded medications in today’s healthcare system. John reports that his greatest honor has been receiving an award from the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care organization for the Hospice Pharmacist of the Year, as John has dedicated much of his career to formulating compounds to help with symptom management at the end of life.

When John is not working, he spends a lot of time at his other home in MN. He especially enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and snow skiing in Utah and also traveling with his wife.  John loves being around his family and is always happy when he can spend time with his kids and other family members who are spread out across the country.

He currently participates in the NJPHA Government Affairs Committee and participates on a NJ Coronavirus Task Force.

Kimberly Hansen


Kimberly Hansen, RPh. is one of our compounding pharmacists.  She discovered her love for compounding while working in a small independent pharmacy while she was in high school and never looked back. She received her pharmacy degree from Rutgers University College of Pharmacy in New Jersey. Kim enjoys compounding for both people and pets with special interests in hormone replacement therapy and low dose naltrexone (LDN). Kim serves as the Chair of the APC Communications Committee in order to share her passion for compounding advocacy. She also volunteers for the LDN Research Trust as a compounding pharmacist consultant. Kim and her husband reside in NJ and enjoy scuba diving, traveling, and photography.

Ann Shin


My name is Ann and I am a staff pharmacist here at Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy. My official name is Hyun Jin Shin. I was born in Korea, grew up in Korea, New Zealand, New York, and now live in New Jersey. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school and graduated from Rutgers University Pharmacy School, class of 2018. I have worked at ten different retail pharmacies since college. I interned at a compounding pharmacy and realized how much I was interested in the fact that prescriptions can be individualized per patient’s needs. This is how I chose my career as a compounding pharmacist. I love talking to people in general and especially patients, as I can share my clinical/pharmacy experience and knowledge with those in need. I can picture myself as a compounding pharmacist in 30 years.

Benjamin Fais


I have been working for Town and Country Compounding since we opened in Ridgewood 17 years ago. It has been a wonderful and enjoyable time of my life. When I first started, I was compounding all the sterile products. My love for cooking and following recipes paralleled my experience in the sterile room since we must follow formulas for compounding. As we grew over the years, we were able to hire licensed pharmacy technicians who now compound most of the orders. That allows me to consult with doctors and patients as well as overseeing our highly experienced techs. I look forward to the next chapter as we move to a larger, state of the art facility in Ramsey.

Grace Kim


I have been with Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy since 2015. I graduated from St. John’s University in Queens, NY. My interest in compounding really started towards the end of pharmacy school when I landed an opportunity to work as a technician compounding mostly veterinarian and pediatric medications. It was exciting to know that what I made with my own hands was helping someone with their specific needs. I love that there is always something new to learn and that compounding offers innovative solutions to medication problems for patients of all types. This keeps all of us engaged and challenges us to be creative as healthcare providers. Exercising my creativity is very important to me. If not for pharmacy, I would probably have majored in art! When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, serving at my church, and testing new recipes.

William Meder Jr.

Certified Pharmacy Technician

I am a certified pharmacy technician with nine years of compounding experience.  I love what I do and try to involve myself in everything I can.  My main responsibilities involve compounding hazardous drugs such as hormones like testosterone. I’m also responsible for making sure non-sterile compounding technicians are properly trained in compounding safety. I also assist the pharmacists with the drug trials we often do. Whether it’s the day to day or the drug trials, a cream, or a capsule, I love making people feel better. 

Outside of work, I’m currently going to school and my hobbies include much of what I do at work as I enjoy making bath and body products. The only things I enjoy more than that are spending time with my wife (who happens to be a pharmacist) and my best friend, Bandit my cat.

Nevine Khedr

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Nevine Khedr is a certified pharmacy technician and is the supervisor of our compounding labs.  I hold a B.D. of Anthropology from Alexandria University, Egypt, and completed my pharmacy technician training program from Lincoln Institute.  I also have completed the national certificate training program for pharmacy technicians in medication therapy management (MTM).

I have been with Town & Country since 2007 and I find my career extremely rewarding since I am able to help those in need.  

In my free time, I like to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family; as well as try new recipes to share with my loved ones.  I love to bake Baklava to bring in for my co-workers.

Eliancar Loreto

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Hello, I am Eliancar Loreto and I am a compounding pharmacy technician. I usually work in the general lab compounding creams, capsules, solutions, and more. I have been working for this company for 6 months. I like to work in the compounding labs because it is a way to help people feel better and improve their health through the medication we make. 

As a hobby, I like to cook and spend time with my family and friends. I am very happy to belong to this work team where we all contribute the best of each day.

Doug Hauser

Registered Pharmacy Technician

At Town & Country, I compound the sterile injections and eye drops for our patients in our sterile lab. I am expected to follow our formulas exactly to ensure the highest quality. I am also responsible for properly sanitizing the sterile lab according to strict procedures in order to preserve the sterile environment required to compound these medications. 

When I am not working, I like to go running and spend time with my wife and my two sons.

Susan Ruiz

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Hello, my name is Susan and I am a certified pharmacy technician. Working at Town & Country has been an amazing experience for me, and I have learned so much. I have the best coworkers I could have ever asked for.  I am married and expecting my first child and I have had an amazing support system here. I am currently studying to become a nurse and hope to make a difference in people’s lives one day.

Yashira Thompson

Pharmacy Clerk

I am a pharmacy technician here at Town & Country Compounding and Consultation.  I help in many different aspects of the pharmacy, checking orders, filling in supplies, and shipping out our prescriptions.  I guess you could say I’m like an “octopus” with many tentacles using my hands in performing many tasks.

Karen Torres

Certified Pharmacy Technician

I am a certified pharmacy technician with over 12 years of experience working with sterile and non-sterile compounding medicine.  Here at Town and Country Compounding, I prepare sterile medications and maintain the sterility of our clean room environment so we can assure our products are sterile. I also assist my team with many tasks in other areas when I am needed.

Christina Dimartino

Certified Pharmacy Technician

My job as the Supervisor of Patient Care Representatives has taught me to be diligent and reliable. These traits have helped me to connect with my patients while meeting the needs of my employer in this fast-paced working environment.  My love for pharmacy however was fostered by my 22 years as a pharmacy technician working alongside amazing teams and making patient care a #1 priority. I am driven, therefore, it is and will always continue to be my desire to meet the needs of my patients, and know that I am making an impact in their lives.

I am a single mother to an amazing son. My time off is spent going on adventures with him and exploring the world.

Jill Donato

Office Administrator/Inside Sales Marketing

I am very proud to work for Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy and the role we take in compounding medication specialized for a patient’s individual needs.  At Town & Country, I divide my responsibilities of ensuring the office runs smoothly and also helping with our marketing of Town & Country to physicians and patients.

I have three very fun children, who I have watched grow into amazing adults.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Ariana Scopoulis

Patient Care Representative

My name is Ariana and I am a patient care representative at Town & Country Compounding and Consultation.  I schedule patient’s prescriptions to be picked up or delivered and obtain the information needed to ensure the patients get proper assistance.  I love helping people and am grateful to be a part of the team at Town & Country.

On my time off, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, making people laugh and reading a good book.

Maria Maiz

Front-Desk Coordinator, Nutritional Specialist

I  have been working at Town & Country Compounding for six years and really enjoy helping our patients. I like interacting with our patients and assisting them on their wellness journey.

I am very knowledgeable about our vitamins and nutrition supplements as well as our products for pain relief. I am happy to share my recommendations with you to optimize your health and well-being.

At home, I have two college-aged children and I enjoy attending all of their activities. During my free time, I enjoy going to the beach.

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