Why is USP 800 Important

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USP 800

USP 800 Compliance is required by compounding pharmacies in New Jersey

Note: any pharmacy that ships prescriptions to patients in New Jersey must also be compliant with these guidelines.

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A pharmacy has to be USP 800 Compliant to be able to compound hormones in the state of New Jersey.

In addition, out-of-state pharmacies also have to be USP 800 compliant to be able to ship prescriptions to patients in NJ. 

Even if their state does not require these high standards – we do.

If a pharmacy didn’t upgrade their lab to be compliant with USP 800, they can no longer compound things such as: 


Town & Country Compounding has two USP 800 labs

Sterile 797/800 lab
Non-sterile 795/800
Negative pressure, double hepa filtered powder hoods for compounding negative pressure: If there were a hazardous drug spill, then the medication would not go out and contaminate other labs,
The drugs made in these labs are on the NIOSH list and include hormones. We do not consider hormones dangerous but over time, exposure may not be safe for those who do not need the hormones.

The NIOSH List is an aid designed to enable employers to identify which drugs handled by employees are considered by NIOSH to be hazardous drugs

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