Why would someone need a prescription for a compounded medication?

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Medication is not one-size-fits-all, and mass-produced commercially available drugs may not work for patients for various reasons. Certain drugs, combinations of drugs, concentration of the drugs, or specific dosage forms that the patient needs may not be commercially available at a traditional retail pharmacy. Suppose you need something that does not fit into that category, especially due to an allergy, medical condition, or illness.

A compounding pharmacy can customize the ingredients, strength, dosage form, flavor, and more.

A compounded medication may be necessary for various situations such as:

  • You have an autoimmune condition and are in constant chronic pain; you have tried things that do not work well and you do not want opioids.
  • A patient needs a customized strength of a thyroid medication.
  • Your integrative or functional medicine doctor prescribes customized medications for you
  • Hormone replacement combinations for women and men that are not commercially available.
  • The patient has an allergy to a dye or filler in the medication.
  • The manufacturer has recently discontinued a drug,
    but the patient desperately needs it.

Oncology & Hospice

  • A cancer patient needs something for skin peeling and nerve pain caused by chemo.
  • A patient can no longer swallow (end of life),
    so they may need the medication for pain made
    into a suppository or a transdermal cream.
  • cancer patient needs a unique combination
    of three drugs for uncontrollable nausea.

Pediatrics & Adolescence

  • A baby has a mitochondrial disorder and needs a special cocktail.
  • A teenager has cystic acne, and the parents do not want to use Accutane.
  • A baby has reflux, and the medicine prescribed is not staying down; there are compounded options.
  • A newborn baby needs heart medication in a liquid, but it only is available in pill form.


  • A cat needs medication in a liquid that only comes in a pill form, and the owner wants it
  • The cat won’t take the fish-flavored liquid, now you need liver
  • Therapy for a specific condition is not working for you; you need something different.
  • A dog has an ear infection that keeps returning. The vet needs 3 medicines mixed together in a base that will adhere to the ear canal

Compounding pharmacists are medication problem solvers!

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