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Women’s Hormones, Menopause, and Other Women’s Health Issues

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Women, Wine and Wellness!

Our Women, Wellness & Wine event is back! Join us this September 12th and learn about everything there is to know about women’s health issues. Featuring speaker and Women’s Health & Hormone Expert/Pharmacist, Jari Becker.

Topics of Discussion

  • Consequences of lack of estrogen
  • Bioidentical hormones vs. synthetic hormones
  • Symptoms of estrogen excess
  • Saliva hormone testing (at-home test) vs. blood testing
  • Private consultations with a pharmacist women’s health expert
  • Stress and long-term health consequences
  • Benefits of estrogen in the body
  • And more!

Get answers from experts over a glass of wine!

Register for our Women, Wellness & Wine event today!

Reserve your spot for $20, and when you show up at the event, you will receive a $20 coupon to use on supplements at Town & Country Compounding.


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