Rectal Rocket Suppository

Using a rectal rocket suppository may not sound comfortable, but neither are painful difficult-to-treat hemorrhoids! We use a suppository mold that looks like a rocket; and we compound drugs into it that help with pain and inflammation.


The suppository is in a suppository base that melts at body temperature. It contains drugs to reduce inflammation of the hemorrhoid. It is inserted only at bedtime and it melts slowly overnight. The slow melt keeps the drugs directly in contact with the hemorrhoid for a long period of time. The problem is usually taken care of in one night but could sometimes take 3 nights depending on severity. Your doctor should have access to our prescription order form. Have you tried addressing hemorrhoids multiple times with over-the-counter medications and it just doesn’t work? What if you have hemorrhoids after being pregnant and it’s the worst? Compounded suppositories could be exactly what you need. Learn more about hemorrhoids >>
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