The Best Topical Anesthetic Formulations for Morpheus8 and other Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

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Cosmetic Procedures (Non-invasive)

Practitioners are increasingly using topical anesthetics to decrease the pain associated with superficial dermatologic, aesthetic, and laser procedures.

Town Country Compounding has unique ways for creating compounded topical anesthetic prescriptions for patients receiving Morpheus8 and other cosmetic procedures, especially those involving micro-needling or lasers.

*Requires patient-specific prescriptions, and can be shipped and billed to the office if desired.

We fill compounded topical anesthetic prescriptions for the patients of the nation’s top plastic surgeons and physicians specializing in cosmetic procedures.

Consistency with anesthetic formulations

The pleasant texture and smooth application of our proprietary base will be consistent with each application. 

Smooth application with high concentrations

At Town & Country Compounding, our labs have advanced equipment that reduces particle size to eliminate grit even with the highest drug concentrations; this ensures a smooth application that is pleasant for the patient experience.

Sending prescriptions to
Town & Country Compounding

It’s easy for licensed practitioners to prescribe medications for patients using Town & Country Compounding. 

Combinations in our Formulations = Synergy

The combination of anesthetics in our formulations may work together to provide results. 

The strengths can be customized based on patient needs.

We are licensed to fill and ship prescription medications to multiple states

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