Vitamins and Supplements for Immune Support

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Top Immune Health Supplements

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CofixRX™ Nasal Spray


CofixRx ™ is an additional layer of protection trusted by thousands of pharmacists and doctors nationwide.

CofixRX™ (povidone–iodine) Povidone-Iodine Antiviral Nasal Spray to boost your immune system and helps protect you against viruses and pathogens.
CofixRX™ nasal spray combines 1.25% povidone–iodine with vitamin D3.


  • Healthcare & Essential Workers
  • Travel
  • High Risk Individuals
  • Recreational Activities
  • Educators & Students
  • Food, Retail & Entertainment

CofixRX™ Throat Spray

Use CofixRX Throat Spray for mouth and throat hygiene. CofixRX Throat Spray features a Patented Formula that includes nature’s most potent ingredients to help cleanse and support the body. Use CofixRX Throat Spray in conjunction with CofixRX Nasal Solution.

  • Approximately 150 Sprays per Bottle
  • 1% Povidone Iodine


  • Travel
  • Recreational Activities
  • Gatherings & Holidays
  • Food, Retail & Entertainment
  • Sporting Events & Concerts
  • And more…


A targeted blend of nutrients designed to provide broad-spectrum support to the body’s immune reserves. This powerful combination works to promote healthy respiratory and immune function.

The formula includes:

  • Quercetin is a potent bioflavonoid that aids in supporting the immune system.
  • Vitamin C, N-acetyl cysteine are potent antioxidants that promote respiratory function and support the function of quercetin.
  • Vitamin D, Zinc are essential micronutrients needed to create a robust immune reserve.


• Provides Support for Immune Challenges
• Strengthens Immune Function
• Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance
Viracid includes a powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts that provide support for immune challenges.
Viracid contains the synergistic nutrient blend of zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, L-lysine and pantothenic acid which each play a major role in maintaining a healthy, functioning immune system.
Viracid includes the synergistic blend of botanical extracts black elderberry, astragalus, echinacea, and andrographis, all of which have been used traditionally for their clinically effective immune-modulating properties.


Traditional Herbal Immune Support

  • Supports Healthy Immune and Respiratory Function*
  • Supports Healthy Cytokine and Eicosanoid Balance*
  • Designed as a Fast-Acting, Short-Term Formula*

Features three herbs (Andrographis, licorice root, and indigo woad) that have been used traditionally for immune support and stimulation. The formula may be especially helpful in supporting cytokine balance and respiratory function.

Daily Immune

Vitamin, mineral and herbal support for immune health

• Supports immune system function
• Helps to activate immune cells and maintain healthy activity
• Made with vitamin C, quercetin, zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals

Ortho Biotic® Capsules

Our unique probiotic formula is designed to deliver active organisms shown to promote healthy gut microflora, protect intestinal integrity, and boost immune function.

The GI tract is a finely balanced environment where roughly 500 different strains of bacteria compete for space and nutrients. When there is a healthy balance (eubiosis), few symptoms exist. However, dysbiosis can occur when an overabundance of potentially harmful organisms prevail. The natural microflora balance can be upset by medications (such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives, etc.), excessive alcohol consumption, or poor dietary intake.

Clinical Applications

  • Helps Maintain Gastrointestinal Balance
  • Increases Secretory IgA for Enhanced Gut Immunity
  • Supports Bowel Regularity
  • Supports Digestion and Micronutrient Absorption
New products we carry for kids!
ViraKid & Imu-Max

ViraKid is a children’s chewable formula that boosts immune function and provides support for immune challenges. Elderberry has been shown to provide effective immune support, and the distinct purple color creates a fun element for kids. Be on the lookout for purple tongues!

  • Provides Support for Immune Challenges
  • Strengthens Immune Function in Children
  • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance

Our body’s immune system is a complex and dynamic defense system that comes to our rescue at the first sign of exposure to an outside invader. The dynamic nature of the immune system means that all factors that affect health need to be addressed for it to function at peak performance.


Imu-Max combines echinacea and propolis extracts in a pleasant-tasting liquid formula for immune system support. Imu-Max is a kosher product.

  • Boosts Immune Function in Children
  • Provides Support for Immune Challenges
  • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance

The human immune system is a complex network of millions of immune cells, which act together to protect the body from constant exposure to threats from our environment. In most cases, the immune system does a great job of keeping people healthy, but may at times require additional support. Research has demonstrated the ability of Imu-Max to protect the immunity of children in the winter months.

 Kids Nordic Flora Probiotic Gummies

A tasty gummy for optimal digestion and immune health, that’s perfect for smaller tummies.* Ages 2+

  • Combined probiotic and antibiotic therapy can be beneficial to the gut and possibly help with healing time
  • Probiotics can reduce the side effects of some antibiotics, such as diarrhea.
  • Taking probiotics and antibiotics together is more effective than taking antibiotics alone. It can also restore some of the healthy gut bacteria that are lost through antibiotic therapy. 

We carry various brands and strengths of the following, and more!

  • Vitamin D
  • Curcumin
  • N acetyl cysteine (NAC)
  • Vitamin C
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