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Addressing Bleeding Gums and Gingivitis

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Do your gums ever bleed when you floss? Don’t ignore this red flag! Consider Perio Gel®

Did you know that bleeding gums while flossing or brushing is the first sign of infection that often leads to chronic problems?

Studies have traced pathogens that lead to gum disease to the same pathogens known to cause other systemic inflammation and illness. You can try to prevent chronic diseases by managing the bacteria and infection in your gums.

Gingivitis and Gum Disease

Gingivitis is a word we have always heard but not paid much attention to. It is inflammation of the gums, which often causes bleeding. Gingivitis is a warning that appears before actual gum disease (periodontitis) occurs.

Gum disease is more common than you may think with 80% of Americans having it.

If you notice any bleeding in your gums, even if it is mild, mention it to your dentist so you can work to prevent progression to gum disease and possibly other conditions. With a proper regimen, you may be able to control things.

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Gum disease begins with bacterial growth in your mouth, around your teeth and below your gums. Regular dental cleanings can effectively address the bacteria, but when you return home, the cycle of bacterial growth resumes hours after a cleaning. If you are already having mild problems with bleeding, brushing and flossing often can’t reach deep enough to address the infection, and the problem continues and progresses.

The bacteria (plaque) also builds up on and around your teeth and releases acids that attack the tooth enamel, which leads to decay. Pretty quickly, tartar forms along the gum lines which makes it more difficult to clean your teeth. This irritates the gums, causing inflammation, while doing damage that can lead to long-term health issues.

If it is not addressed, it could lead to bone damage and tooth loss.

Source: Web MD

What is a Periodontal Pocket?

The gum tissue becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria that leads to infection and inflammation. Bacteria along the gumline form colonies that grow deep between the teeth and below gum tissues. This space is called the periodontal pocket.

A healthy normal depth, often measured during teeth cleanings, is 1–3 mm. Any number above 4 mm is potentially a cause for concern, therefore, your dentist keeps track of the depths of your periodontal pockets. Learn more »

Medication can be applied to the periodontal pockets (with a tray) to greatly reduce the amount of bacteria.

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At Town & Country Compounding, we work closely with the patient and the practitioner to yield the best outcomes.

Introducing Perio Gel®

Perio Gel® is used to reduce the amount of bacteria in gum pockets that you cannot reach with brushing or flossing. Success is measured by gums that don’t bleed!

Perio Gel® is an OTC oral gel, available at Town & Country Compounding, and is delivered beneath the gums. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which fights bacteria deep under the gums while also releasing oxygen so that healthy bacteria can thrive.

When used with the Perio Tray™, the gel is delivered beneath the gums (in the pockets) to help fight the bacteria that causes gum disease. This gel can be part of an oral care routine for anyone with early stages of gingivitis or a more advanced stage gum disease. If bacteria get out of control (periodontitis), acids can destroy the bone supporting your teeth.

By dramatically reducing bacteria in the mouth, Perio Gel® also freshens your breath. The antimicrobials that help with gum disease also happen to deliver prescription-strength whitening benefits. Therefore, you can fight gum disease while freshening your breath and whitening your teeth.

Address Your Oral Health with Town & Country

Town & Country Compounding supplies many dental, periodontal offices and patients with Perio Gel®. We can supply (and ship) large quantities of Perio Gel® to Dental and Periodontal offices and patients. If you buy more than 6, you receive a discounted price!

Perio Gel® added a new formulation to their line, which we now have in stock. It’s saccharin-free and has xylitol instead.

Perio Gel®

$20/tube (when you buy 6 or more)

– Less than 6 for $23/tube

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This is an over-the-counter product, therefore we can ship anywhere.

Perio Gel X®

Perio Gel X® is saccharin-free and has xylitol instead.

$22/tube (when you buy 6 or more)

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This is an over-the-counter product, therefore we can ship anywhere.

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Perio Gel® and Vibramycin Syrup

Vibramycin (doxycycline) syrup is often prescribed with the Perio-protect trays. Doxycycline can help reduce the bacteria below the gum line, which helps with inflammation in the gums and therefore can also reduce the bleeding. It can help reduce the depth of the pockets in the gums.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Downsides to Vibramycin

1. It is often on backorder and unavailable from the manufacturer. Prescribers are often looking for alternative options for their patients with Perio Trays who use Perio gel.

Town & Country compounds a sugar-free, dye-free, Doxycycline syrup when Vibramycin syrup is unavailable for the Perio Protect system.

2. Commercial Vibramycin causes staining on the teeth (example provided) and our formula is dye free so doesn’t cause staining.

Patient experience regarding staining of her teeth:

“After about 3–4 months of using the product, I began to notice something that freaked me out a little bit. I had this brown/black gunk between my teeth, especially in the back. I looked at my syringes and lo and behold the tips of the syringes were stained dark brown too. At my 6-month dental check-up, I told them about the stains I was experiencing and they said it is because of the Vibramycin. I really wish I was told about this upfront. But the good news is, I didn’t have any tartar for them to scrape away and my gum pockets had been reduced.” See Full Review >>

Town & Country compounds a dye-free, alternative when Vibramycin syrup is unavailable for the Perio Protect system.

Prescribers can call, fax, or prescribe in the doxycycline 50-mg/ml dye-free suspension Rx at 201-447-2020.

Compounded Solutions at Town & Country

At Town & Country, our goal is to help patients find solutions like Perio Gel or compounded Doxycycline to help them address progressing gingivitis which may lead to gum disease and bone damage/tooth loss.

When certain bacteria gets under the gums, the next procedure would be an extremely painful cleaning procedure called deep scaling and planning.

We work with patients and providers to help prevent the need of such procedures, by addressing the issues as soon as possible with Perio Gel.

Get in touch with us today for orders and questions on how we can help make your life healthier.

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We work with patients and their medical providers to customize solutions that are right for their individual needs when commercially-made medications are not showing results.

Medication is not one-size-fits-all. 

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