Compounded Medications and Erectile Dysfunction

Low “T” Testosterone

Low levels of testosterone is often characterized by symptoms such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, and lethargy. After proper diagnosis, including testing for testosterone, estrogen, and luteinizing hormone (LH), properly directed therapy can be significant in reversing these symptoms and providing a healthier, more robust lifestyle.

Topical Testosterone Gel

We have a compounding gel base available that helps provide superior testosterone delivery in men.

Compounded Tri-mix, Bi-Mix or Quad Mix Injections

Customized dosage based on individualized needs.

Tadalafil troches (alternative for Cialis®)

Troches are scored and can be cut into quarters or halves, may want to mention as this is more cost effective.

Sildenafil (Viagra® Alternative)­

(30) 100mg tablets for $35 or (30) 50mg tablets for $30

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