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Men’s Sexual Health: Options for Low-T, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and More

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Finding the Right Therapy for ED

While some men find success using oral medications or sublingual medications, others may find success using a vacuum erection device like a vacuum pump. However, some men do not have success with those methods either and opt to use penile injections, sometimes with the help of an auto-injector device

At Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy, we offer only the utmost care and professionalism for our male patients who have experienced erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction.

General Overview of Men’s Sexual Health

“Erectile dysfunction… is an erection that’s just not suiting your needs; whether that be not firm enough, or not lasting long enough. It does not have to be the complete failure of obtaining an erection.”

Mechanical Vacuum Pump

These pumps, which are available at the pharmacy without prescription, have been long used by men to achieve a successful erection. A retention ring is used to maintain the erection during intercource. The pump may be used as a form of physical therapy.

Injection Techniques

Some men may not find success in the use of oral medications or mechanical devices for ED, whether it be due to surgical intervention, medical conditions, or medication interactions. For those looking for a better option, we compound a penile injection, commonly known as a tri-mix, quad-mix or bi-mix injection.

Auto-injector Device

Patients may have difficulty manipulating the syringe or dealing with needles when administering their penile injections such as prostaglandintri-mixquad-mix and bi-mix. The auto-injector provides an easier and more friendly way to administer injections.

Schedule a Men’s Sexual Health Expert Consultation

If you would like a consult with one of our pharmacists about supplement and nutritional suggestions, Rx information options, and device information options, schedule a private consultation:

  • 45 minutes for $150
  • Consult questionnaire and Lab testing options can be provided before the consultation if you would like.
  • If you order ZRT home testing kits from us, you get a free 15-minute consultation to go over results and a plan.
John Herr, RPh. (Left) & Ben Fais, RPh. are experts in Men’s Sexual Health therapies.

Knowing Your Testosterone Levels

Separate from ED, men may complain of lack of desire, which we can also help with. Supplements can often help with libido or sex drive. Testosterone is a factor that will not necessarily correct ED but can help with the “want to” or desire.

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Test Your Testosterone Levels at Home

Testosterone and other levels are done with this easy to use saliva test that can be done at your home.

Nitric Oxide in Men and Women


Good blood flow is essential for good erectile functioning, which may be enhanced with Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements. You can test your nitric oxide levels at home with Nitric Oxide testing strips

The prevalence of moderate Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in the United States appears to be about 20% in the total adult male population, 30%–50% in those aged over 40, and greater than 60% in men older than 70. The saying goes that ‘Erectile Dysfunction is Endothelial Dysfunction’ where ED is explained by failings in the cardiovascular system. This is why NO, a vital molecule in cardiovascular health, is essential in effectively tackling ED. Coupled with this, many of the most popular traditional ED medications have been shown to be ineffective when NO levels in the body are not optimal.



Female Sexual Arousal Disorder affects up to 70% of women with at least 25% of women unable to reach an orgasm. These incidences increase with age; however, it does not have to be an inevitable symptom of aging. Sexual responsiveness in women requires adequate blood flow to the vagina and clitoris. Nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule in healthy circulation and has a central role in female sexual response to arousal. NO acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain affecting the release of oxytocin which is central in the modulation of sexual behavior. Oxytocin is called the ‘Love Hormone’ or the ‘Cuddle Chemical’. Oxytocin increases nitric oxide production, and levels are greatly increased after an orgasm.

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Nitric Oxide Supplements*

Known as the missing piece in sexual healthnitric oxide (NO) is an essential gas in our system and is responsible for the proper function of a lot of our metabolism (circulatory, respiratory, cardiac) and in our sexual function. ED medications have been shown to be ineffective when nitric oxide (NO) levels are imbalanced. 

Sexual Health: Nitric Oxide Test Strips

There are many factors that affect your nitric oxide levels including age, stress, alcohol, diabetes, and smoking. For both men and women, the enzyme dependent pathway for producing nitric oxide is reduced to 50% of its capacity by the time we are 40. It is therefore important to maintain NO levels through an alternative pathway which relies on nitrate intake from diet or supplementation to maintain adequate circulation.

By taking a 15-second saliva test today you can check your NO levels and, if needed, learn from us some quick and easy ways to improve your levels.

Top prescription medications for ED

Trimix Injections Prescription for Erectyle Dysfunction - Best Sterile Compounding Pharmacy PCAB Accredited
Compounded Tri-mix, Bi-Mix or Quad Mix Injections

Customized dosage based on individualized needs.

Topical Testosterone Gel

We have a compounding gel base available that helps provide superior testosterone delivery in men.

Tadalafil Cialis Alternative Erectile Dysfunction ED medication Rx Troche Lozenge prescription near me town country compounding pharmcy new jersey new york
Tadalafil troches (alternative for Cialis®)

Troches are scored and can be cut into quarters or halves.

Tadalafil Tablets Erectile dysfunction ED Cialis alternative pills Prescription RX Medication New Jersey New York compounding pharmacy near me

Tadalafil Tablets (alternative for Cialis®)

Tadalafil 20mg, 5mg, or custom strengths = 30 count for $50

Sildenafil (Viagra® Alternative)­ Tablets

Sildenafil 50mg or 100mg tablets (or custom strengths), 30 count for $40

Sildenafil erectile disfunction ED viagra alternative medication Rx Troche Lozenge prescription near me town country compounding pharmcy new jersey new york
Sildenafil/Vardenafil (Viagra® Alternative)­ Troches/Lozenges

Troches are scored and can be cut into quarters or halves.

Tadalafil Rapid Dissolve Tablets RDT erectile disfunction ED cialis alternative medication RDTs Rx prescription near me town country compounding pharmacy new jersey new york
Sildenafil (Viagra® Alternative)­ Rapid Dissolve Tablets

Rapid dissolve tablets are scored and can be cut into quarters or halves.

Bremelanotide (PT-141) Experts

Town & Country Compounding are leading experts in PT-141 (Bremelanotide). We can compound various forms with a doctor’s prescription.

Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy is located at
Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy is located at 535 East Crescent Ave Ramsey, NJ 07446

Town & Country Compounding provides the most advanced formulations based on the most recent research and peer-reviewed guidelines.

We work with patients and their medical providers to customize solutions that are right for their individual needs when commercially-made medications are not showing results.

Medication is not one-size-fits-all. 

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